arbitration-mediationADLI Law Group offers competitive services in the areas of arbitration and mediation. The ADLI Law Group arbitration team is comprised of seasoned litigation and business transactional attorneys who specialize in utilizing thorough analysis and an unbiased sense of substantial justice to craft decisions that reward participants who bring merit and preparation to the process. Whether your arbitration is binding or nonbinding, the attorneys at ADLI Law Group preside and decide in a manner that gives a clear and just result supported by the relative weight of each side’s presented claims and defenses.

In the ADLI Law Group mediation practice, the participating counsel from ADLI Law Group translate their skill as advocates and deal makers into the role of a fair and balanced neutral, giving credibility to all reasonable positions and treating all participants with respect in a way that provides value to clients by increasing the likelihood of a negotiated resolution and value to counsel by being sensitive to the need of a neutral to support rather than fracture the relationship between lawyer and client through the challenging process of mediating contentious issues.