The International Practice – India group offers a thorough understanding of the Indian legal market to support our clients who are undertaking business involving India, as well as to guide our Indian clients seeking access to American markets.

We are familiar with the family business culture in India, and we work with the in-house legal team and the family members to ensure, in the context of the ownership and control of the family businesses, that the corporate structures and tax related matters are appropriate for the business venture being contemplated outside of India.

Our group actively tracks the business and legal developments that might effect Indian corporations as they expand abroad and international enterprises with respect to their India-related activities. Additionally, our lawyers regularly present at seminars and conferences on matters of interest to Indian and international clients alike, such as India’s emerging competition law, compliance with securities laws in relation to fund raising activities, transaction structuring, international arbitration alternatives and developments in Indian tax laws that may impact investment structures.

India’s rapidly changing business, legal and regulatory environment remains complex and presents unique challenges for market participants, particularly foreign investors. These challenges include market access barriers, limitations on the repatriation of invested capital, restrictions on offshore lending and hard-to-navigate investment regulations. In order for businesses to succeed in this market, they will need to have a well-developed business strategy that takes into account the complex business, legal and regulatory environment and the diverse cultural nuances at play. Our experience with the Indian marketplace means we are not learning the basics on your matters and can efficiently focus on the particular points that require attention.