I think most legal blogs and newsletters reflect their authors’ lack of pragmatism in their approach to law. They also tend to be dry, sleep-inducing, self-congratulatory and usually deleted without reading. So, I’m introducing a different kind of blog, called “Just Sayin’. . .TM

Its aim is to go straight to your bottom line—strategically, financially and professionally. Just Sayin’. . . will point out current issues and situations I think you need to be aware of and provide in plain English, simple, practical advice and solutions to deal with those issues and situations. Its goal is to help you and your business stay out of trouble and the huge expense and distraction of litigation. It’s far less expensive to prevent a problem than to try to fix it once it occurs.

While it will be regular, it won’t be on a dogmatic schedule. I’ll write it when I think there’s something you need to know that can affect you and your business. I hope you find it useful. Thanks.

Paul Menes

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