services8If you are looking for the services of a top quality employment lawyer, you have come to the right place. Employment raises multiple legal issues under both state and federal law. When you need to understand your exposures, find ways to manage your risks, or respond to a complaint that was filed, either administratively or with a court, look to the best place to find an employment lawyer in Los Angeles. ADLI Law Group offers its clients – including multinational corporations, partnerships, small business owners, limited liability companies and startups – high quality legal representation with a client-focused, value based approach to providing representation in all types of employment law concerns including intellectual property law.

In today’s competitive and multi-faceted economy, employers need management and supervisors who are focused on reducing risk and employees working under a clear and evenly enforced set of policies. Any employment lawyer will tell you that an employee handbook is just a start – a good start that needs to be customized to your operation. A payroll company can provide assistance, but not legal protection, as those services are only as reliable as the information they receive.

Employment litigation, when necessary, must be resolved quickly and efficiently as a sign of your commitment to protect your employees and your business. As a leading firm offering the kind of outstanding employment litigation lawyer and legal counselor recommended by business and legal experts, ADLI Law Group is here to provide services that rival the very best employment lawyer you’re likely to find.

All successful employment lawyers understand that a firm’s biggest cost is labor-related expenses. Those expenses must be controlled and maximized. Every company needs to get the most production from its workforce at the most efficient cost permitted by law; that lowest amount, however, is not always equal to the best decision. We want to help your business navigate the complicated structure of laws and regulations, of administrative rulings and court decisions before litigation occurs. Once a claim is filed, we endeavor to resolve the litigation in the shortest time frame at the most effective cost to your business. When you need the help of a top employment attorney, ADLI Law Group should be your first choice.